Music & Beans Shoreditch


If you have never experienced the soft, chewy, tanginess of tapas before,
we suggest you join us at Music & Beans Shoreditch today.

Take a look at our unique tapas menu. London has lots of
tapas restaurants, however, if what you are looking for is something special, then
you are in the right place at Music & Beans Shoreditch.

Our tapas menu is designed to represent both trending and classic flavours executed
with consistency and precision. The menu is put together in order to include the best
delicacies from various Mediterranean countries. They are waiting for you to enjoy
and maybe with a couple of glasses of wine to enhance the richness in your mouth.

Music & Beans Shoreditch adds richness to London’s diverse flavours in a
comfortable ambient and with a friendly face. You are invited to taste our wide range
of tapas varieties, come on over and your table will be ready with delicious and fresh
tapas in no time.